New pics/vids for anyone horny :)

wondering if your vids are for sale?

They sure are for sale

Golden Globes last night..

House of Cards lady(Mrs Underwood) thanked the whole cast.. and since I worked catering for Season 2 I was technically thanked :D

So you’d think I would atleast know her name…

I can tell you what she ate though.. :)

Who the hell is the guy in /post/55320033589 ? I see him everywhere but there's no name associated to him!

well the cute little guy up front is obviously me Cam, and I didnt let the pic load fully to see if i cropped out the friend in the mirror, but he is not a part of Tumblr.

Check it out

Didn’t think I’d have to make a post about this..

But guys.. who have already done this.. I don’t want your naked self in my inbox. Only 1 female has submitted ever so I’m not just hating,  but a guy does just about every day with captions THAT You Can’t Honestly Believe turn me instantly on or some shit? Its all vulgar all the time. This is why I don’t involve my bi side on the internet by the way, becomes an annoying “hey sexy..” message upon every login of xtube,fb, blaghh I’m done ranting.